About us

About us

A local, human venture…

The Rotomod Group, which has been based in Bon Encontre since 1973,are true experts in the processing of polymers using the rotational molding, or “rotomolding” process. In 2011 the group decided to increase its development by bringing “sporty chic” to the world of rotomolded furniture. To meet this unique challenge, the management team turned to Didier Garrigosand Stéphane Frant, two leaders in Aquitaine design. Enticed by the idea of setting up an SME, these two inventors dove into the project, seeing it as the ideal opportunity to mesh their creativity with local know-how.

So the My Croisette adventure was born!  Possessed by an unstoppable creative frenzy, the two creators begin flooding the office of Vincent Mas, commercial director in charge of the project, with designs.  Vincent Mas (aka “Plastic Man”) selects, adjusts and develops the proposals from the prolific duo.  The three men collaborate beautifully together, and in the spring of 2012, My Croisette’s first collection emerged. Both whimsical and technical, the “Moaïs” collection is the epitome of the My Croisette brand philosophy: “The elegance of intelligence, sculpted in polyethylene”.

Then it was back to the drawing board! Carried along by the boundless optimism of the Rotomod crew, the prolific trio continued, and at the end of 2013, presented an uninhibited and simple collection that invites one to simply revel in the moment…

Concentrated design…


Halfway between furniture and architecture, the “My Croisette” collection provides comprehensive solutions for furnishing professional spaces or your home: armchairs, side tables, modular furniture, lighting and decorative items available in a wide range of colors. Designed for exterior and interior, The “My Croisette” collection cleverly blends functionality and aestheticism into one harmonious whole.

Each creation in the “My Croisette” collection is irresistibly innovative and original.

Yes, we care!

The MYC staff has been specially trained for this adventure. Each piece that passes through our hands is given special care, and is developed and designed in the Aquitaine region.  We monitor carefully the entire manufacturing process, and we always approach each stage of production with the greatest care for environmental quality.

All our products are made from polyethylene or polycarbonate and are 100% recyclable !


Reflections on “My Croisette”

My Croisette, a retro brand that looks to the future!

Inspired by the cult classic “The Thomas Crown Affair”, our universe respectfully revisits the timeless sophistication that characterizes the colorful era of the 60’s and 70’s.  Does that make “My Croisette” a brand of the past? Not at all! Our primary goal is to establish a link between that inventive era and the present, to find solutions for tomorrow’s housing.

My Croisette is also a “lifestyle”!

My Croisette celebrates a sort of “laid-back” traditioninherited from its Aquitaine origins. We claim for our own a certain art of living lightly and leisurely on the “Silver Coast”: a lifestyle often affiliated with water sports and extolling the values of excellence, authenticity, sharing and conviviality.

This cultural anchor does not prevent us from enjoying the rest of the world: the azure blue of the Mediterranean, the tumult of the Ipanema beaches, sultry nights on the Gulf of Siam, also arouse in us glorious emotions and enticing dreams….

My Croisette, advocating for affordable design !

Design for all: this is our creed. Day after day, we strive to make pieces that are freed from commercial dictatorship, designed to satisfy a generation of consumers seeking more design in their daily lives.

Enough confession: now it’s time to dive into our website and completely discover My Croisette!

The MyC team.