Ilô Créatif

Le Studio :

Studio created on:  2003

Organization chart:

Stéphane FRANT – Agency Director / Partner – Project Manager – Designer
Yannick FRANT – Agency Director/Partner – Project Manager – Designer
Audrey BEAUGIRE-VEYSSEY – Graphic designer
Arnaud DUMAURE – Developer

Stéphane Frant’s  autobiography:

After a diploma in Industrial Aesthetics (Ecole Raymond Loewy – la Souterraine) and one year of further studies in Applied Arts (Ecole des Beaux-Arts et Arts Appliqués – Troyes), I obtained a Superior Diploma in Applied Arts (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d’Art “Olivier de Serres” – Paris). During this curriculum I encountered different philosophies related to Design, as well as Visual Communication and Packaging, but all with the same core: being mindful of the user.

This course opened many doors for me; after having worked for Peugeot Cycles, in communication agencies, in industrial design agencies, as well as in print shops, I was selected to oversee the creative department of Camus’ brand “La Grande Marque”. I left this behind to embark upon the ILO Creatif adventure, benefiting from my experience in marketing, communication, management and of course, design.

Design according to Ilô Creatif:  

The designer is a craftsman in the industry, he is the mediator between the world of production and the user, by virtue of his keen eye and sharp knowledge.

Major projects signed by Ilô Créatif :

  • Shoes for RipCurl brands, S24, Bossi
  • Range of furniture for Sokoa
  • Range of air quality analyzers and recorders for Kimo
  • GGI recliners
  • Spa bike for Dynamika
  • Seats and chairs for cinema , theater, amphitheater for Signature F
  • Sports luggage for Proact
  • Urban furniture for Accenturba …


  • 1st Prize: Aquitaine Industrial Design Trophy 2008
  • Design Observer Label 2009
  • 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and Ecodesign Trophy: Aquitaine Industrial Design Trophy 2010
  • 1st Prize: Aquitaine Industrial Design Trophy 2011
  • Design Observer Label 2012
  • Design Observer Label 2013


More information is available on : .

Les designers :

Stéphane Frant

Et si j'étais...

  • an object, je serais : a framing mat
  • a word, je serais : Wisdom
  • a shape, je serais : The infinity symbol
  • a color, je serais : Orange 021 C
  • a sunny destination, je serais : Mars
  • a scene, je serais : The car chase through the streets of San Francisco in “Bullitt”
  • a song, je serais : “Say It Ain’t So”
  • an era, je serais : The 30’s
L'aventure My croisette en image

Yannick Frant

Et si j'étais...

  • an object, je serais : a plumb line
  • a word, je serais : Simplicity
  • a shape, je serais : a square
  • a coloris, je serais : Black C
  • a sunny destination, je serais : California
  • a scene, je serais : The dance from “Pulp Fiction”
  • a song, je serais : “Shiny Happy People” from R.E.M.
  • an era, je serais : Looking forward to the future
L'aventure My croisette en image